Dog Bites And The Law: What You Should Know

Dog Bites And Nevada Law: What You Should Know

Dog or animal bites are unfortunate, but they can and do happen. Each year, more than 350,000 dog bite victims are treated in emergency rooms, and over 800,000 require some medical care.

Nevada does not have any specific law governing dog bites. Instead, dog bites fall under the laws of negligence, which is why you have to document everything. If bitten, immediately report the bite to animal control and seek medical attention.

If safe, collect the owner’s name and contact information, witness names and contact information and the dog’s name, and whether or not the animal is current with rabies and other vaccinations. You also want to take pictures of the dog and your injuries.  Finally, make sure a report is filed with animal control or the police.

Additionally, each city or county has ordinances the deal directly with dog bites, so one city may provide additional rights over others.

Calling a personal injury lawyer, such as Winter Street Law Group in Reno, may help you get compensation for various wounds and injuries sustained from a dog attack or other animal related injury.

These situations, although seemingly trivial, should be handled by legal experts. If injured, you should get compensation for your injuries, including payment of your medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent disfigurement and lost wages.

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