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What to Know Before Changing your Name

People seek to change their names for a variety of reasons. Many seek a name change for familial or other proper reasons or incident to a divorce. It can be a bold and exciting time that can affect your identity and how you connect to family members. Although changing your name is a simple task in theory, it can become complicated through the recording and recognition of your new name.

Contacting financial institutions, government agencies, and other establishments can not only be daunting, but also tricky. Straightforward communication is key, and of course it doesn’t hurt to know the process in which these matters are handled.

Your name is your most readily identifiable attribute, so if you want to change it (for whatever reason), you may need an experienced attorney to make sure it’s done right. Without one, you may become frustrated and/or waste time throughout the rigorous process.

Winter Street Law Group’s lawyers understand that your name is your most identifiable attribute. With their expertise and compassion towards these sensitive issues, you can rest easily knowing your case will be handled.

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