What to Know About the New “Inattentive Driving” Law

What to Know About the New “Inattentive Driving” Law

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Effective starting Aug. 8, Reno Police Department officers can ticket drivers who may be engaged in an activity while driving a motor vehicle that reasonably interferes with that driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.

The new “Inattentive Driving” traffic law, entitles officers to stop and possibly issue drivers (within the city of Reno) a citation for being distracted when driving.  Examples of actions that may fall under the law of inattentive driving are applying makeup, reading a book, having a pet on their lap, shaving, or eating. Although this law includes anything that could distract a driver, it does not address cell-phones, as that is under it’s own law. If you are stopped for inattentive driving, you could be issued a citation for $305.

Another newly implemented law allows Reno Police to issue citations to anyone who unlawfully drives or operates a vehicle in a careless manner (including speeding) within the city on a street, highway, alley or premises where the public has access. The citation for Careless Driving in the City of Reno is $450.

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