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Plan Your Legacy, Stress Free

It’s easy to think about accruing and creating wealth throughout your lifetime, but have you thought about what becomes of it after you’re gone? Estate planning can often be a grueling and intimidating process, but with the help of the right professionals, it can be managed stress-free.

Knowing about the probate process is crucial. Probate is the Court process required if someone has a will or dies without a will.  It is a complicated legal process to settle an Estate, pay creditors and distribute the Estate to those named in a Will or to blood heirs if there is no will.

A trust, on the other hand, is transferred or administered through the legal system. Although it can be beneficial to have a lawyer present in all instances, it is recommended regardless of the size of the estate or the value of its assets.

Additionally, it’s customary to know if you’ll be needing a trust, a will — or perhaps both? Not many people know the difference between a will and trust. Property left through a living trust does not need to pass through probate whereas property left through a will does go through probate.

Which one should you get? Winter Street Law Group’s estate planning lawyers can develop plans unique to your needs.

Whether you’re concerned about probate, wills or trusts, they have the knowledge and expertise to help. For details, call us at 775-786-5800.


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