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Winter Street Law Group’s real estate attorneys have provided legal advice and planning in this area for over two decades. We handle real estate matters from the very simple to the complex – including drafting land development agreements, assisting in the parceling of land, and creating and extinguishing easements.

Areas of Focus

Homeowners Associations

It's hard to argue that the many lovely features and amenities of modern housing developments would be feasible and sustainable without the oversight of a governing body. That being said, disputes between residents and their HOAs are common and often become hostile quickly. Winter Street Law Group can assist in working through problems with your HOA, while ensuring your interests are protected.

Landlord/Tenant Matters

These are among the most common real estate cases. A good lease can provide years of protection and support a mutually beneficial relationship between a landlord and their tenant, yet we see more litigation over bad leases in court than any other type of case (although unfair realtors are a close second). When it comes to legal documents, you should always have them reviewed by someone who knows exactly what to look for. At Winter Street Law Group, commercial and residential leases are not expensive to have reviewed and/or drafted and can protect parties on either end of the contract.

Buy/Sell Agreements

When it comes to buy-sell agreements, who pays for what? What duties does a seller have to disclose a defect that has been repaired? What duties does a realtor have when dealing with a client? What if a realtor didn't properly investigate or disclose information to the parties involved in the deal?

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